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  • Tobias Saueressig

    30. November 2022 at 11:08

    Also ich kann mir nicht vorstellen, dass wir geschrieben haben das ein Training + Kompression schlechter als ML +Training + Kompression ist. Wo haben wir das geschrieben? Also laut Datenlage ist TRaining + Kompression äquivalent zu ML + Training + Kompression. Das stellt den Nutzen von ML in Frage. Aktuell hierzu:

    Clinical Implications

    “Moreover, both fluoroscopy-guided and traditional MLD were not superior to a placebo MLD in addition to decongestive lymphatic therapy (DLT, education, skin care, compression therapy, exercises).

    “This means that, for these investigated clinical outcomes in patients with chronic BCRL, there is no indication for including (time-consuming) MLD in the limited treatment time per session. Alternatively, more time should be spent on other, well-investigated and evidence-based treatment options such as compression therapy[31-33] and exercise therapy (under compression)[33, 34], together with a greater emphasis on education and self-management.[35]”