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  • Tobias Saueressig

    10. Juni 2024 at 7:27

    Hallo Gerrit,

    die meisten “Problemfüße” korrigieren sich bis 10 Jahre von selbst. (“By age 10, without treatment, 85-96% have developed arches “). Ich würde mal testen, ob die Fußfehlstellung korrigierbar ist. Falls ja, dann muss man eigentlich nichts machen.

    Physical exam: With the patient barefoot, nonweight bearing, assess for presence of an arch (Slide 1 a). The feet should then be examined weight-bearing, noting the presence or absence of the arch (Slide 1 b) Heel valgus typically increases with weight bearing, assessed by observing the angle between the calcaneus and the lower leg (Slide 2 a) When the patient stands on their toes, the arch should be accentuated and the calcaneus should swing into varus (Slide 2 b). If the child is to young to stand on their toes, the great toe can be dorsiflexed, and the arch should be observed to increase, If the arch fails to accentuate with toe rise or toe dorsiflexion, or if the foot is constantly flat, this may be more consistent with a rigid flatfoot and additional investigations or treatment may be required.”

    LG Tobias